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More Than Beautiful is a celebration of extraordinary women living ordinary lives all over the world. If you know an amazing woman and want to share her story, here is your chance. Submit your story (of 500-1000 words) with a photo by March 31, 2010 under one of the following categories and she may appear in one of a series of published books!

Submit Stories under JOY if you know a woman who seems to find the bright side in every situation, who spreads cheer wherever she goes, or who always seems to be smiling; and it’s contagious. This person is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes.

Submit stories under GENEROSITY if you have a story to share about a woman who is openly giving with her time, her talents, her belongings, her service, or her heart.

Submit stories under ACHIEVING GREATNESS if you know a woman who has exceeded above others in any aspect of life: overcoming adversity, reaching goals, found meaning in life, or has become an outstanding example of excellence to all around her, etc.

Submit stories under SACRIFICE if you know someone who has given up something dear to them at their own expense. This could include happiness, a life-long goal, her comfort, her possessions, or her pride.

Submit stories under STRENGTH for women who are strong amidst struggles, or who are valiant and firm in their convictions. These women are immovable.

Submit stories under CREATION for women who make something beautiful out of everything they touch. Someone who creates something all her own with her hands, or someone who can create a good situation out of one that appears to be bad.


Funny Friday

Motivational Time

One of my all time favorite quotes:

"Now I am the voice.
I will lead, not follow.
I will believe, not doubt.
I will create, not destroy.
I am a force for good.
I am a leader.

Defy the odds!
Set a new standard!
Step it up!"

- Tony Robbins -

Workout Tip Wednesday

Thank you "Trainer Momma" for today's Workout Wednesday Tip. If you haven't seen this woman's blog you need to check it out! She is amazing!

Tricep Workout Part 1: Tricep Dips

So, you are waving goodbye to a good friend after a lovely lunch, but you notice that the flab under your arm is doing more waving than your hand. Not pretty.

Let's work on the muscles that every woman needs to focus on: the triceps, the group of muscles on the backside of the arms.

So here we go with an oldie, but goodie:

Tricep Workout Part 1:
Tricep Dips

To tone and build strength in the triceps.

A chair or bench of some sort.

Starting Position:
Face away from the bench, and place your hands on it behind you, knuckles foward. Your hands should be just on either side of your hips.

Your feet are straight out in front of you with the toes up and legs straight.

Hips MUST be touching bench.
Bend elbows straight back and lower yourself until your arms are at or near 90 degrees.
Too hard?:
Bring your feet in and bend your legs.

If you are just starting and 90 degrees with the elbows is too hard, bring your feet in and bend your knees even more. Try another dip. If 90 degrees is too difficult, then go down as far down as you can.
Trainer Momma Tips:
The tempo here is important. Go down in 2 seconds, hold for one second on the bottom, then up in 2 seconds. This is called a 2/1/2 count. This is a good, steady pace.

The farther out your feet are, the more difficult it is.

HIPS MUST BE TOUCHING THE BENCH AT ALL TIMES. I can't say this enough. It is common to let your hips drift forward. Correct it, correct it again, then correct it again. This puts a terrible torque on the shoulders and is bad form. Save the shoulders!
Cheater, Cheater:
Elbows must bend straight back, tuck them in! Do not let them flair out to the sides. If you can't help it, then bring the feet in a few more inches.

Go slow, don't take these too fast.

Workout Ideas:
Do 10-30 reps, then repeat 2- 3 times.

Do 15 reps, then hold at the bottom for 10 seconds, then push up to finish. Do 2 to 3 sets of these.

8,6,4,2: Do 8 dips, then hold at the bottom for 8 seconds. Do 6 dips, then hold at the bottom for 6 seconds. Do 4 dips, then hold at the bottom for 4 seconds. Do 2 dips, then hold at the bottom for 2 seconds. YOU ROCK!

Take It Up a Notch:
Raise the feet: Put your feet on another chair, bench, or better yet -- a stability ball -- to do your sets. Yowsers!
Raise one foot: Lift one foot for 10-15 reps, then the other foot for 10-15 reps. Repeat set 2-3 times. You wild woman, you! :)

So far, I have tried to give you some basic moves you can do at home OR at the gym. All the exercises thus far have been using body weight only. In the future, however, I will be posting moves that require some equipment.

Have a great day!


Spotlight Saturday!

A Huge Congratulations to Jill Muirbrook who just made Star Consultant in Isagenix this morning!!! That's a $500 dollar bonus right in time for the Holiday shopping spree!! She has worked hard and deserves that!! She is so focused on changing lives and looks amazing! She's down 45 lbs since starting in June!!

This week's spotlight goes out to Jill for always attending every meeting, being so faithful and dead on with her eating, for growing her business and helping others change lives by losing weight and getting healthy!

We are so thrilled and excited to have Jill on our team and all wish her a big congratulations. This gold star is for you Jill! Keep up the good work!

Funny Friday


Thursday Recap

There's no meeting today since our fearless leader is out of town with her family supporting her daughters in softball. Go team Stroud!! :) Instead, you get to laugh twice this week. Here's a video I think you'll all enjoy. Those darn hungry cats. Let's none of us resort to trying to catch house-flies when we're hungry but instead go for an Isa-Delight or a yummy shake. Have a great day everyone!

Okay everyone, it's workout Wednesday. I know, I know, it's really Thursday but I promised to be on top of the blogging posts so here it is, even if it's a day late.

I was introduced to a fabulous new website with trainer tips so I'll be taking the WorkOut Wednesday from that website. Today's post comes from a blogger named "Trainer Momma" and today she discussed the proper technique for push ups. Here ya go.... ENJOY!

If you think push ups are not for you, you are mistaken. There are so many modifications for this move, that virtually everyone can do these.

Push ups are primarily for your chest (pectoral) muscles, but they also use plenty of triceps, shoulders, and back to work the entire upper body.

Chest Workout Part 1:
Push Ups

Build strength in the pectoral muscles and upper body.

Starting Position:
The plank. Plank means as flat as a board.
Place your hands right under your shoulders.
Move your feet back so you are on the balls of your feet.
HIPS DOWN! Abs in.

  • I can't empahsize the plank position enough. Find your plank position and become fast friends now. That is F.L.A.T., my friend.
  • Your focus should be slightly higher than right in front of you.
  • Shoulders on top of hands.
  • Hips DOWN -- NOW! Have I said it enough?!?
  • Wrists are killing you? Do the push ups with fists (if on the floor). Or, purchase some push up bars or use dumbbells with flat sides in order to take the pressure off your wrists.

Bend your elbows, and lower yourself to the wall. Elbows flair out. Go down as far as possible, then push back up.

Push Up Progression:
We are all at different levels, however, that is no reason why we ALL can't partake in the beautiful world of push ups. Here's the progression:

Never done push ups? Start here:
OK, the wall is getting too easy. Take it down a level. Use a bench, couch, stairs, or mantle. Do push ups at an angle:
Next, on your knees:
And finally, the real deal:

Cheater, Cheater:
DO NOT let me catch you doing these four common mistakes. If you are, that means you need to take it up a level. Don't go too advanced too soon.
Remember, FORM FIRST.
(Click on the photo for a larger version of it.)
Workout Ideas:
Go for 10 push ups, then 15. Do two sets, then eventually three sets of push ups in your workout.
When those are getting easy, make your way down the progression to the next level.
And now, you go until you can go no more! 15! 20! 30!
Challenge yourself, your husband, your kids. Heck the next time you are out with the girls, hit the deck and challenge anyone to a push up contest! You will love the bragging rights!

I must add that push ups are not something you do every few weeks. Push ups are hard to do, and easy to lose. So do them at least once a week so you hang onto your hard earned mojo!


I'm BACK!!!

Okay, so my apologies to everyone for the slacking on my end and not blogging. It's been a ROUGH month for this girl. No worries though because I'M BACK and won't let the blog get set on the back burner again!

It's time for Motivational Monday ya'll!!!! OH, and if you are part of the group and haven't got yer picture on the blog EMAIL IT TO ME so we can all be one big happy ISA FAMILY!!!! My email address is: audreyslovinglife@gmail.com

Here's a fun video for today. I know it's "Hollywood/Movie Motivation" but so what! We can be strong and courageous just like in the movies. We can fight and WIN just like in the movies! We were born for greatness, born to win!



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Talk about Delicious!


Funny Friday


For some reason today when I heard this song for the millionth time I thought about our team. I love this song! We will all have days that seem tough and we will feel like "giving up" or going back to what we know not to be right for us. I love the sound of both voices! The sound is so encouraging.

For those of us on this journey of weight loss, one thing we have to realize is that a support group is a necessity. We were not meant to go through this alone!!! I feel so blessed to be a member of this team. A team that is there to support and encourage each other to not give up, a team that helps each other "Get back up" when others have a day where they feel like they're gonna slip on eating or when they feel like they just can't go through with the workout. This team ROCKS!! The best part of it is that everyone will have tough moments because we are human. When those times get tough, when you feel like you were not born to succeed, when you feel like you can't take it anymore, plant those feet firm in the ground and don't take another step. Turn towards your team members, call out for help and I promise they will come running and help you by walking the path, together.

Here are the lyrics:

In this proud land we grew up strong
We were wanted all along
I was taught to fight, taught to win
I never thought I could fail

No fight left or so it seems
I am a man whose dreams have all deserted
I've changed my face, i've changed my name
But no one wants you when you lose

Don't give up
'Cause you have friends
Don't give up
You're not beaten yet
Don't give up
I know you can make it good

Though I saw it all around
I never thought that I could be affected
I thought that we would be the last to go
It is so strange the way things turn

Drove the night toward my home
The place that I was born, on the lakeside
And as daylight broke, I saw the earth
The trees had burned down to the ground

Don't give up
You still have us
Don't give up
We don't need much of anything
Don't give up
'Cause somewhere there's a place
There's a place where we belong

Rest ur head
You worry to much
It's gonna be alright
When times get rough
You can call back on us
Don't give up
please don't give up

'Got to walk out of here
I can't take anymore
I'm gonna stand on that bridge
Keep my eyes down below
Whatever may come
And whatever may go
That river's flowing
That river's flowing

Moved on to another town
Tried hard to settle down
For every job, so many men
So many men no-one needs

Don't give up
You still have us
Don't give up now
We're proud of who you are
Don't give up
You know it's never been easy
Don't give up
'Cause I believe there's a place
There's a place where we belong

And the Song:

Ok, so we're a little backwards on the days. ... here is yesterday's 12 Step Tuesday!

12 Step Tuesday

Step #3

TRUST IN GOD......... Submit
Key Principle: Decide to turn your will and your life over to the care of God the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

In the first 2 steps I realized what I could not do for myself and what I needed God to do for me. This was and remains to be the most important thing I've ever realized. I stopped "fighting" my food addiction and through my humble submission God removed it!!

This was the hardest step for me. I spent years studying it and imagining time and time again that I had truly submitted. I imagine it like this...... I was driving my own car (or directing my own life) and then when I got too close to the edge and out of control (or in other words had a binge and was gaining weight and couldn't get control of my eating) then defeated and totally in despair I would go to the Lord and say "Hey you take the wheel" and I would move out of the drivers seat and let Him take over while I was just a passenger in my own life. Then when He got my life back on track and the car was over in the safe zone and my life felt manageable and I felt back in control then I would tell Him to get out of the drivers seat and let me steer again. Only days or weeks to find myself out of control and almost going over the edge ..... then I'd quickly get back in the passenger seat and while sobbing I'd beg Him to get back in the drivers seat and take over. Now I've realized that if I stay over in the passenger seat and let Him drive (or guide) my life everything goes smoother... it's like the life of the rich and famous having your own personal chauffeur every day. And He is doing a much better job of it than I ever did on my own!!!

Elder Neal A Maxwell of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles made the following statement about this most significant decision! "The submission of one's will is really the only uniquely personal thing we have to place on God's altar. It is a hard doctrine, but it is true. The many other things we give to God, however nice that may be of us, are actually things He has already given us, and He has loaned them to us. But when we begin to submit ourselves by letting our wills be swallowed up in God's will, then we are really giving something to Him."

When I took step 3 I faced the truth that recovery from my food addiction (and all other compulsive behaviors) was far more the result of the Lord's efforts than my own. He worked a miracle in my life when I invited Him in! It is a decision to allow Him to direct our lives, remembering, of course, that He always respects our agency. It all begins with being willing!! Our willingness is the solid foundation on which the balance of recovery rests!! Our willingness to submit not only to Him but to our food plan.... when we would much rather eat cookies and ice cream!!

This requires you to rededicate yourself to His will at the start of each day and somtimes every hour or even moment to moment. As we are willing to do so, we find the grace (enabling power) to do what we could not do for ourselves. It is the most amazing feeling........ like you are becoming the person that you only dreamed was possible! The person without the nagging temptations that drags you away from your goal EVERY TIME!!! It truly is amazing to live this way!!

ACTION: Let go of the self-will and self-seeking that were at the root of your food addiction and enjoy the serenity and strength that come from trusting in God and in His goodness, power, and love. Decide to trust and obey God; change what you can change; accept what you cannot change!!!

"God grant me serentiy to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the thing I can, and wisdom to know the difference."
Have a blessed day!!


Workout Tip Wednesday

Swimming is an excellent exercise, but it can get boring too. If you enjoy being in the water, but don’t want to swim all the time, you can do other exercises in the water too.

Underwater View of Water Aerobics

Water exercises are often times safer and more comfortable to do, especially for pregnant women and older individuals. They’re great if you suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia, or back pain. You are less likely to injure yourself while working out in the water.


Toning your arms can be tricky. Begin by standing with your feet apart (in the water). Extend your arms straight out in front of you while holding a ball. Make sure your breathing stays rhythmically. Swing the ball in a figure-eight pattern through the water. Do you feel the varying resistance? You should feel it on your upper arms and upper body.

Make sure your movements are smooth and that you’re not straining your shoulders or back. Maintain a sturdy balance. If you are recently recovering from a shoulder injury, do not try this exercise without the aid of a physical therapist.

Water Marching

Begin by standing up straight and breathing evenly. Make continuous strides, as if marching in place. Extend your arms and legs as far as you can. The water will create a nice resistance for this workout. Stretch your limbs to the fullest, extending and pointing your toes, while pulling your arms vigorously back and forth. Begin by doing this exercise for approximately two minutes, or until the exercise makes you feel breathless.

Water Jumping Jacks

This exercise may be tricky at first. Don’t be discouraged! It takes practice and once you’ve mastered the skill, you’ll find it to be effective and easy. Start with your feet flat on the ground. Keep your arms relaxed and at your sides. Bend your knees and spring up off the bottom of the pool. Jump as high as you can. As you jump, kick your legs to the sides, pointing your toes downward and swinging your arms to the side and up over your head. Land with your knees and feet apart. Repeat up to 10 times.

Waist Trimmer

Start with your back against the poolside. Keep your arm along the edge for support and draw your knees to your chest. Extend your legs straight ahead. Inhale while swinging your legs to your left and then back to your right, back to the center again. As you exhale, move your legs to the front and withdraw to your chest. Repeat this 10 times.

Total Body Stretch

Facing the side of the pool, grip on the edge with your hands. Bend your knees and press your feet against the poolside as you inhale. While exhaling, move your hips back. Avoid locking your knees or straining your back. Repeat 10 times.

Standing Kickbacks

Stand approximately an arm’s length away from the pool side. Keep your shoulders relaxed with your feet together and your arms hanging at your sides. Continue breathing normally. Rest both of your hands against the pool side at shoulder height. Keeping your arms straight, bend your knees a little, raise your left leg and swing it gently back. Keep your supporting leg bent slightly, but don’t raise your leg too high. Repeat five times for each leg.


Relaxation is extremely important to working out in the water. Float through the water and allow your body to relax fully. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed and invigorated you feel when it’s all said and done.

Motivational Monday

This video hit home HARD for me!!! We all have moments when we slip or fall. The most important thing is to realize that we are unstoppable and to have the courage to get back up and keep on going.